We organize, design, and stream your
online gaming events.

We run it professionally

We organize, set up and run all the administrative needs of your tournament. We can handle scheduling, brackets, take care of the casters and players, and ensure that your entire event runs like a well oiled machine.

We make it look good

Our production team always delivers great looking tournaments and events. High quality videos, polished graphics and informative streaming screens make for a professional broadcast that looks good for all viewers.

We show it to the world

We stream it live over the internet with great video and sound quality. We'll cut up the video-on-demand afterwards so that anyone who misses the live broadcast can still watch the event.

Who We've Worked With

What They Say About Us

Riot Games "WP played a huge part in leveling up our LoL Promotion Tournaments. With a drive to constantly adapt and raise the bar, they've continuously exceeded our expectations of broadcast quality and professionalism. Well played, WellPlayed!"
Riot Games
Trevor "Torch" Housten
"The expertise and professionalism at WellPlayed jumpstarted IPL during its infancy. Now WP continues to raise the bar for production value at online and offline events, bringing new meaning to Professional Gaming. Any event associated with WellPlayed is guaranteed to run smoothly and please the target audience!"
Trevor "Torch" Housten, Feb 2013
Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles
"[CLG Premier Series] was by far the best organized, best looking, most professional online tournament that I've ever casted. The production quality was top tier, and they kept fixing flaws and improving as the tournament progressed."
Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles, OGN

Our History

WellPlayed Productions started as a group of redditors running community StarCraft 2 tournaments for the popular /r/starcraft section of reddit in 2010. As we grew our talents we eventually formed our own name and brand, WellPlayed Productions. Since then we've continued to create online tournaments that try to raise the bar for eSports production.

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